Live & Lost


Live & Lost

Content driven national campaign helping CommBank connect their Kaching app with a younger audience, built around teen heartthrob Reece Mastin’s five-day interactive trip from Melbourne to Sydney.

Reece had nothing else other than $50 on his CommBank account, his wits and help from his fans, all playing out in real-time across social media for engagement and a TV tie-in for extended reach.

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The Live & Lost campaign broke new ground in social media integration, generated huge buzz and in the process helped align the Commbank Kaching app strongly with the target audience.

Results speak for themselves; almost 60,000 Facebook fans, 4,500 votes, 3,200 lift and accommodation offers, over 15,000 tweets, a reach of 2.9M viewers on TV and OTs of 18.3M via PR leading to thousands of hours of engagement.

The campaign was single mindedly planned for its teen audience in every way, delivered via channels that are native to them, giving them the chance to put themselves in the story, interact with Reece and change the outcomes in real-time. Within 15 mins of launch, our fans made #reeceliveandlost the number-one trending hash-tag worldwide, remaining there for almost an entire day!

Our custom built interactive map technology sat above the social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram, allowing the fans to engage with Reece’s adventures via multiple channels from a single interface, and allowed the production team on the road to publish content snippets in real time to all channels.

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