Jacob's Creek

The Wine Line

Jacob's Creek

The Wine Line

Awareness campaign delivered via tech innovation, enhancing the client’s responsible consumption of alcohol message by turning it into an experience.

The execution is a branded utility app that uses computer vision to magically and instantly calculate the volume of wine in a glass, helping users track their consumption in standard drinks.

Generating extensive media coverage and PR benefits for the brand.

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The Wine Line app achieved wide publicity across national and international news, including over 16 articles, 21 online features and 19 broadcast pieces, resulting in a total reach of over 30 Million. This greatly exceeded expectations for this innovative world first campaign.

In addition, by featuring Premium Wine Brand’s Jacob’s Creek range while selecting alcohol type, the app also provided an opportunity to showcase the brand’s product range to consumers.

The campaign strongly delivered on the promise of helping people stay informed of their alcohol consumption, by taking it from a traditional awareness message into a truly useful and practical tool. In the process, it provided a positive consumer touch point at the point of consumption, which is traditionally a “black spot” for alcohol brands.

Computer vision is part rocket science and part black magic at the best of times, so attempting to calculate the volume of clear liquid in a transparent glass in random lighting conditions was straight-out madness. But we did it anyway, leading to one of our proudest tech innovation moments! Based on user testing we decided to add in the additional step of tracing the outline to ensure consistency of results and usability.

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