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Build Our Next Burger

User-generated-content driven engagement campaign inviting consumers to create and name their own Macca’s burgers online, delivered mainly through social media.

Result was the limited offer McMate burger which performed really well, but most importantly we collected invaluable consumer preference data and insights.

The precursor to the in-store self serve kiosks.

The campaign has performed beyond expectations; over 20,000 burgers created and 16,000 name ideas submitted, and the ensuing McMate burger outperformed its forecast by 50% resulting in the promo period being extended by a month.

The key success metric however would be the data collected; giving McDonald’s deep and wide insights into consumer preferences and trends, helping understand the self-creation process better for future initiatives

An easy to use yet exciting and gamified user experience was the cornerstone of the engagement, taking it beyond a “survey” and converting it into a fun experience. Added incentivisation via a national competition was also used to encourage participation and advocacy.

The campaign concept was deceptively simple, so the visually rich interactive user experience had to be spot on, and an absolute pleasure to use. To achieve this, we pushed HTML and JavaScript to their limits, seamlessly animating hundreds of nonlinear ingredient choice permutations in real-time across all devices and screen sizes.

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