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NSW Government


NSW.gov is the principal government website communicating NSW government services and initiatives to the public.

Webling led the user experience strategy, UX, design and front end development process to better connect over 7.5 million citizens to the vast array of government departments, services, initiatives, news and events.

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Government investment in digital services ultimately increases public service efficiency, by reducing operating costs. Most importantly, providing citizens with the ability to research and transact with the government 24/7 improves the service delivery experience and drives up public sentiment towards the government.

Time on site has reduced, while visitation has increased indicating that service delivery metrics are on the way up.

The redesign takes a citizen based approach to reorganise the vast amount of content that the site contains. Further UX improvements include voice search, popular and localised content and the curation of content based on lifestage needs and topics. By using location services we are able to deliver the most relevant content to people such as projects updates and government services closest to them.

Front end development using best in class responsive frameworks and techniques and built to meet the government's stringent accessibility standards.

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