Westpac 200 Women

The Listening Ground
at the Opera House

Westpac 200 Women

The Listening Ground
at the Opera House

What really matters to you? What would you change if you could? Which single word do you most identify with? These are some of the questions asked of the remarkable women featured in “200 Women: The Listening Ground”, a powerful digital exhibition, designed to highlight diversity and equality through the stories of 200 women from around the world.

Some stories are confronting and others uplifting, all are authentic. They come from women from diverse backgrounds from around the world; some are well-known, others are not.

Working closely with our good friends at Maverick, we were responsible for delivering the UX+UI design and technology component of this exhibition at the Sydney Opera House, to bring some of these stories to life.

Our partner Maverick's case video.

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Supported by Westpac, the exhibition is an extension of the storytelling project and book of the same name by Geoff Blackwell, "200 Women: who will change the way you see the world". The profundity of the content and the prime location at the Opera House set the tone for the project.

We have set out to create a seamless and effortless user experience bringing these stories to life in interactive pods fitted with motion sensors and touchscreen technology to create an immersive soundscape and visual experience. The motion sensors in the content pods detected approaching users distance, triggering an automated content stream accordingly. Users could then simply, experience the content with no extra effort or control it 100%. This was a big task, especially given the outdoor setting of the exhibition and the spatial elements that we had to factor in. Finally, as there is no precedent of UX / UI for a circular screen, we were indeed in uncharted waters! We have achieved our goals with a combination of a minimalistic UI utilising animation to inform and guide the user throughout the interface.

Utilizing the game platform Unity as a base for development, we used motion sensor feedback to detect proximity and trigger the launch and responsiveness of the screen interface with audio feedback.

To create a seamless and fluid user experience we devised a tailored approach to the video content so that playing the content and quickly navigating between multiple HD video streams felt natural and responsive.

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