My Garden


My Garden

An unparalleled branded utility offering for gardeners, helping them design, grow and maintain their backyards with the help of the most comprehensive gardening app out there.

A natural progression of Yates’ 125 years of category expertise into the digital age, and a consumer favourite for beginners and pros alike.

Making use of Yates’ existing assets, we have unlocked their potential and created new purchase occasions, thus generating further value.

A strong path to purchase was achieved by The Problem Solver; identifying issues and matching them with Yates products and channelling to retail partners for purchase.

10,000+ unique users with 4.33 minutes average usage time, yielding 4,000+ Garden Club subscribers.

40,500+ problems solved leading to 22,000+ Yates product purchase recommendations.

Gardeners are an obsessive bunch, and to create something they love to use we had to match that dedication.

We have taken the journey from inspiration to maintenance ourselves to ensure we can deliver the best UX, basing the app’s narrative and user journey on this creative process.

App UI is also unique and bold; we have favoured skeuomorphism - going against the industry trends- to honour our audience’s love for the tactile and the gritty.

The app stayed in the top three in the AppStore Lifestyle category for more than a year when released, with almost zero promotional budget.

An unprecedented multi-platform offering brought to life by seamlessly integrating product and content feeds from the client sources, live weather feeds, multiple external plant databases, location data from partners, alerts and notifications and more.

The augmented reality Garden Visualiser feature alone is as big a technical undertaking as many similar competitor apps in their entirety.

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Our C.U.T framework allows us to meld design thinking with tech innovation to deliver solutions that better the lives of your customers and ultimately grow your business.

Winner of 6 awards including AIMIA Best Mobile Marketing, IAB Creative Showcase, Sydney and Melbourne Design Awards